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Therapy Services for individuals & couples

Therapy Services for Individuals & Couples

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I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same.  

– Martha Graham

For Individuals

The focus of individual therapy is the challenges and hopes that are important to you. People come to therapy seeking help with many things – an immediate crisis; finding a greater sense of purpose or meaning; the wish to grow and develop as a person; a desire to change self-defeating patterns or habits; the need for better tools to manage stress; the wish to improve relationships; levels of fear or sadness that hold them back and interfere with functioning; and the lingering effects of neglect, trauma or abuse – to name a few. 

Each client is unique – and so is each course of treatment. Treatment may be brief or go on for several years. It may or may not involve assignments between sessions. I facilitate non-judgmental and collaborative inquiry and offer support, empathy, information, tools and perspective. Together we find our way, step by step. At its best, psychotherapy is an art and the relationship between therapist and client is at the heart of healing and change. 

For Couples

The focus of couples therapy is the relationship between you and your partner. As Sue Johnson says, relationships fill “deep primal survival needs for secure, intimate connection to irreplaceable others.” They are vital to our existence.

We are fortunate to live in a time and place that allows us unprecedented freedom to choose relationships that feel authentic and are not solely defined by convention. And thanks to decades of research, we know a lot about what makes relationships strong and resilient and what weakens or damages them. 

Whether you are seeking pre-commitment counseling, are in a committed but distressed relationship, or need help navigating a transition or break-up, couples therapy can help you and your partner identify barriers to intimacy and autonomy, build a more robust and resilient “we,” and approach challenges and changes in the spirit of collaboration.

Integrative Therapy

The focus of integrative therapy is the whole person. An integrative therapy session combines multiple treatment modalities and may be either a single or a double session. Sessions may include talking (psychotherapy), yoga therapy and contemplative practice such as mindfulness or metta meditation. For more information on these modalities, please see the Resources page.

This multi-dimensional approach to treatment recognizes that mind, body and emotions are part of one system. Fragmentation can and does occur with stress or trauma but, with practice, body and mind can re-integrate and become allies in support of your health and wellbeing. Integrative therapy clients are supported and guided in developing and refining a daily personal practice, if they desire. If you struggle with your mood or thoughts, are experiencing high levels of stress, or live with chronic pain or other physical illnesses and conditions, integrative therapy can help.

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An attuned therapist can help you realize the growth that wants to happen. Use this form to reach out and take the first step. Whether you have questions about your specific situation or don’t know where to start, I’m here to help. 

If you are experiencing an emergency and need immediate help, please contact emergency services by calling 9-1-1.


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